How often should women buy new shoes

The smell of new shoes is always invigorating; and isn’t it wonderful if you can buy new shoes every month as soon you receive your monthly paycheck? Well that’s what most of us dream about as we stroll around the mall while window shopping– If only we could buy everything.

Buying shoes really depends on your need. This means you have to assess your daily activities, your career, and your lifestyle. Celebrities always need new pairs of shoes. Because as what I have heard, fans, especially those die-hard supporters, know and keep track of everything the celebrity wears. They basically notice everything, and they are quick to remember.

But if you are a working girl like me, who spends most of the time seating in the office, you don’t need to buy shoes too often. Here are some tips to take care of your shoes to make it last longer. Now, for a quick heads up, I am always the person who, no matter how high-quality and expensive the shoes are, always ruins it. And I don’t know why. Maybe something’s going with my feet. Anyway let’s proceed.

1. Do not wear the same shoes daily
For someone like me who prefers comfort, I used to wear my nude ballet flats all the time. I wore it for almost every day and it only lasted three months as I noticed that the soles are starting to give up. And that was when I realized that my roommate was right to not wear the same shoes everyday. Plus, those shoes cost me a hundred bucks and it only lasted three freaking’ months.

That was when I noticed that I actually own other pairs of shoes that are actually getting old inside my closet. Most of them were only used once or thrice that I never wore again. Now, I alternate pairs of shoes so I don’t have to wear the same shoes for a week.

2. Clean your shoes
Well I don’t know if this actually helps in prolonging the life of your shoes but this tip is very important. Most people I know judge a person by the cleanliness of their nails and shoes. You don’t need to clean it everyday anyway, just make sure that the dirt isn’t disturbing, and the germs are not accumulating and dividing. In my case, I clean my shoes weekly because I spent most of my time in the office. But if you are traveling a lot daily, wiping them every once in awhile wouldn’t hurt.

3. Wear socks or sock liners or spray some foot deodorizer
Socks absorb feet perspiration and deodorizer prevent too much sweating. Letting your sweat come in contact with your shoes while using them all the time without proper cleansing can bring discomfort to you. It can lead to itchiness, leading to a bacterial infection or it can make your shoes smell horrible.

4. Choosing the right shoes in the right occasion
If you are going to a garden wedding and the weather is quite gloomy, do not wear high heels. Because if it rains, you are going to regret wearing heels as you walk in the muddy and soft ground. You might even leave heel-shaped holes in the ground. Also, wear shoes that are designed to support your daily activities because if you put comfort first in choosing the right pair of shoes you can accomplish your busy and hectic tasks.

Your shoes are your companion everywhere you go, even through thick and thin. This is why you have to take care of them and make sure that you know what shoes to wear in the right time. With these knowledge you can prevent yourself from buying shoes more often because you still have shoes you can wear in good condition.

How many pairs of shoes should a women have

Most women I know plan their outfit a day before they wear them, or even plan everything for the whole week. You see, this is a very crucial process especially when finding the right shoes to match the perfect clothes. You can’t just put on anything because it will definitely ruin the presentation.

Shopping for shoes, on the other hand, is one different adventure story. Men would know about this, as they follow their woman around every store to find the perfect fit. For me, I take time in choosing the right shoes because I always think of the price that I will paying for the shoes that cannot just make me look pretty, but can also take care of my toes.

Most women who live in an apartment, with an average salary, don’t really need a lot of shoes. This is because they need to save some space, and save money for the things that they really need. I am not against those who own a ton of pairs because I understand that we have different needs. But for those who can and want to live with minimal no. of shoes, Wendy, Head Stylist for Smitten with Style and the Director of Smitten Styling Academy Australia, advises that you can live with just six pairs. These six pairs are “classic black heel, nude or tan wedge, a strappy heel, ballet flats, dressy thong, and a knee-high boot.”

Personally, I agree with owning a classic black heel. As a working girl, juggling my job and social life, I always pick my black heels. Especially when I have a meeting or a presentation and then right after work, I need to meet my friends for dinner, and sometimes find myself in a bar. The thing is, I always find comfort in choosing black heels every time.

Wedge shoes are also something I would go for because I won a lot of summer dresses. I live in a tropical country so summer dresses are always in. I feel ethereal and chic when wearing these combination, and also it makes me feel really feminine.

Another pair that I prefer to own, are ballet flats because you can mix it with any outfit. Sometime when I don’t want to wear heels, I go for flats, which is very convenient. You can also wear it while doing some errands like shopping, which we all know takes a lot of walking around to finish, or for those who don’t like wearing heels at all.

Flat sandals is another pair based on my preferences. Actually, I think all women that I know of has a pair or two of these. It is really sexy and classy without making you look too overdressed. It just leaves you with a subtle sophistication, especially when partnered with cute nails.

I am now contemplating if I should include boots in my recommendations, this is because as what I have mentioned, I live in a tropical country. So knee-high boots are very uncomfortable in here. Although, I own a pair of ankle boots, but I don’t wear it as much as I wear the other four. However my friend told me that every girl should have at least a pair of boots in her closet because it is just the way things are.

I may have few pairs of shoes than most women, but I always make sure to buy high quality brands. This is because I want to wear comfortable and pretty shoes, for a long time. In that way, I know that although I have spent a lot of money, I can really keep it for as much as I want to. Plus, with that money spent, I can forbid myself from buying things that I don’t actually need.

10 best women shoe brands

Shoes are one of the most have items for all women in the world. Many women often are confused when choosing the right shoes for themselves. In this article, we will discuss about 10 best women shoe brands that certainly are made by famous designers. They certainly will make you stunning and stylish with their up to date models and designs.

Christian Louboutin

The first brand of 10 best women shoe brands is Louboutin. Louboutin shoes are famous for its trademark. The most popular signature will be its red-bottom soles found in their high heel shoes. Louboutin produce lots of high heels and most of them usually have higher heels than the others. Loubotins shoes usually are made of exotic skins , fur and luxurious accessories. The designs of Louboutin shoes always can make women look elegant and sexy.


Chanel is not only popular for its perfumes. This brand has produced hundreds of women shoes with different types of designs. You may find the classic ballet flat shoes, boots, and sneakers. All the products are made exclusively.

Jimmy Choo

Most of you may already know that jimmy Choo are known for its handmade shoes. this brand produces many types of shoes from flat shoes to high heels. Jimmy Choo’s high heels usually are seen with straps and pointed toe.

Manolo blahnik

Manolo, as one of 10 best women shoe brands has a wide range of women shoes collection. One of the most famous types is maybe its pumps. With pointed toes, leather sole and stiletto heel, the handmade shoes will exactly make every woman in the world walk with smile.


Prada is also known for its strappy high heels. The brand now has also produced more types of shoes such as platform, flat shoes, pumps and boots.

Giuseppe Antoni

Antoni has many types of shoes that you may want: wedge sneaker, pump, suede, slipper, or even boots! All shoes are beautifully made with unique design.

Yves saint Laurent

Saint Laurent always has those luxurious and elegant shoes. Most of them will offer you high-heels and leather. Some of them also come with patterns.


Gucci women shoes come with solid color such as metallic, red, black or silver.  Made from fine materials like leather, Gucci shoes can always change your whole look in any occasion. Gucci’s pumps are offered with many types of heels. There are also other shoes like loafer, slipper, and flat.


Next brand on 10 best women shoe brands list is Burberry. Burberry has its own unique designs! Heeled sandals, flat sandals, ballerina and flat shoes, wedges, espadrilles, sport shoes, and boots are available in Gucci’s collection. You may not want to miss one single design of Gucci once you enter the store.

Michael Kors

The last brand from 10 best women shoe brands list is Michael Kors. Women shoes from Michael Kors will be dominated with soft color like white, cream, light brown, denim, gray etc. you may find almost types of shoes here: sneakers, wedges, flats, and many more.

How Often Should Women Buy New Shoes?

Shoes are one of women’s favorite fashion accessories. Either to support their daily activities or their appearance, the right shoes choice will be a great appeal for women. When you are wearing cute outfits and beautiful make up but choosing unmatched shoes, the wrong shoes will ruin your overall performance. Thus, before buying a pair of new shoes, you should consider first the function of the shoes. Then how often should women buy new shoes? Well, the answer depends on your needs. If you are public figure with high mobility and need to present yourself on public events, you may need to buy new shoes more often since the shoes will support your performance. However, if you are student or working woman with daily routine, you do not have to buy new shoes often. Just choose your favorite best ones so you can do your daily activities smoothly.

Whether shoes for party, work, or daily use, you should pay attention to basic tips of choosing the right shoes to suit your necessities. In this article, we share some useful tips for getting perfect shoes for you based on the shoes types.

First type is flat shoes. Characteristically flat with no additional heels, flat shoes is often considered as must-have shoes for everyone who likes to put comfort first when wearing shoes. Flat shoes with round tips is suitable for long and thin foot, while the narrow end tip is suitable for people with petite body because it will make your legs look taller. These shoes are good to go with any kinds of clothes. Jeans, cotton, canvas, and other casual clothes can be perfectly combined with flat shoes. However, you should avoid wearing flat shoes with knee skirts because your outfit will look heavy on below which is very old-fashioned.

Second type is stiletto. Different from flat shoes, stiletto is characteristically high with unique and thin heels.  Many women love stiletto since it brings sexy looks to their appearance as well as making their legs look long and firm. Thus, this shoes type is suitable to wear on formal occasions such as party to take out your feminine, elegant, and sexy charm. Stiletto is the best when you wear it with long pants or pencil skirt to make your legs look longer. Pay attention to the shoes material so the heels can hold your body weight when you walk comfortably.

Third type is boots. Nowadays, there are several kinds of boot such as ankle boots, knee boots, or calf boots. Knee-high boots are good to match with pants in same color. This type is suitable for tall women with long legs. On the contrary, petite women are not recommended wearing this kind of boots. Boots are good to match with jeans or miniskirt.

Fourth type is mule or slippers. These shoes can be used at any occasions if you want to get casual but still formal look. You can wear slippers on party by choosing ones with glamorous shoes decorations.

What Type of Shoes Should I Wear During the Different Seasons?

Compare to men, women always pay more attention to their appearance. No wonder that then women fashion vastly develops throughout the world. Countless kinds of fashion wears such as clothing and shoes are produced with new models everywhere. Shoes are not only useful to protect our foot from heat, cold, or sharp things, but as a fashion statement as well. Wearing certain model and brand of shoes manufactured by renowned designer or company will make you belong to certain social status. Thus, many people do not mind spending much money on this footwear to show the world that they have a good sense of fashion. However, besides fashion aspects, comfort and safety should be your first consideration before wearing any kind of shoes. In this article, we share some tips to choose suitable shoes to wear during different seasons.

On winter, boots will be perfect footwear during cold weather. This type of shoes has closed models which will cover your foot perfectly as well as protect them from freezing due to low temperature. Boots are also good to wear during spring since the weather is usually still quite cold. This footwear is not only useful to chase away the cold, but also a fashion alternative to support your daily performance in the seasons. To choose the best boots that suits your foot, first you have to know the shape of your foot. There are many types of boots available. Whether it is knee boots, calf boots, ankle boots, or flat boots, you should adjust the height of the boots with your body height. For example, if you have petite body proportion, avoid high boots since it will make you look shorter. Instead, it will be better for you to wear ankle boots. In spring, ankle boots are the best choice because it will not cause too sultry temperature in the warm weather.

Next, avoid women boots which are made from plastic and pleather. The best boots materials to wear in winter and spring are leather and suede because they will keep the foot warm. You should also pay attention to the inside part of the boots. When you buy a pair of boots, check if there is torn, wrinkled, folded, or broken part which will disturb your comfort when wearing them. If you like fashion mix and match, purchasing boots with neutral color will be a smart option so you can wear the boots on various occasions.

As for summer and fall, you can wear almost any kinds of shoes. The most favorite footwear during sunny days is flat shoes and wedges. Flat shoes are perfect to emit your feminine sides. If you are tall, flat shoes and miniskirts will be a killer fashion statement. Not only shoes, sandals with high heels and wedges are also commonly-worn during these seasons. If you want casual and comfortable footwear, sandals will be suitable to wear during your summer holiday while hanging out and shopping with your friends.