What Type of Shoes Should I Wear During the Different Seasons?

Compare to men, women always pay more attention to their appearance. No wonder that then women fashion vastly develops throughout the world. Countless kinds of fashion wears such as clothing and shoes are produced with new models everywhere. Shoes are not only useful to protect our foot from heat, cold, or sharp things, but as a fashion statement as well. Wearing certain model and brand of shoes manufactured by renowned designer or company will make you belong to certain social status. Thus, many people do not mind spending much money on this footwear to show the world that they have a good sense of fashion. However, besides fashion aspects, comfort and safety should be your first consideration before wearing any kind of shoes. In this article, we share some tips to choose suitable shoes to wear during different seasons.

On winter, boots will be perfect footwear during cold weather. This type of shoes has closed models which will cover your foot perfectly as well as protect them from freezing due to low temperature. Boots are also good to wear during spring since the weather is usually still quite cold. This footwear is not only useful to chase away the cold, but also a fashion alternative to support your daily performance in the seasons. To choose the best boots that suits your foot, first you have to know the shape of your foot. There are many types of boots available. Whether it is knee boots, calf boots, ankle boots, or flat boots, you should adjust the height of the boots with your body height. For example, if you have petite body proportion, avoid high boots since it will make you look shorter. Instead, it will be better for you to wear ankle boots. In spring, ankle boots are the best choice because it will not cause too sultry temperature in the warm weather.

Next, avoid women boots which are made from plastic and pleather. The best boots materials to wear in winter and spring are leather and suede because they will keep the foot warm. You should also pay attention to the inside part of the boots. When you buy a pair of boots, check if there is torn, wrinkled, folded, or broken part which will disturb your comfort when wearing them. If you like fashion mix and match, purchasing boots with neutral color will be a smart option so you can wear the boots on various occasions.

As for summer and fall, you can wear almost any kinds of shoes. The most favorite footwear during sunny days is flat shoes and wedges. Flat shoes are perfect to emit your feminine sides. If you are tall, flat shoes and miniskirts will be a killer fashion statement. Not only shoes, sandals with high heels and wedges are also commonly-worn during these seasons. If you want casual and comfortable footwear, sandals will be suitable to wear during your summer holiday while hanging out and shopping with your friends.

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