How Often Should Women Buy New Shoes?

Shoes are one of women’s favorite fashion accessories. Either to support their daily activities or their appearance, the right shoes choice will be a great appeal for women. When you are wearing cute outfits and beautiful make up but choosing unmatched shoes, the wrong shoes will ruin your overall performance. Thus, before buying a pair of new shoes, you should consider first the function of the shoes. Then how often should women buy new shoes? Well, the answer depends on your needs. If you are public figure with high mobility and need to present yourself on public events, you may need to buy new shoes more often since the shoes will support your performance. However, if you are student or working woman with daily routine, you do not have to buy new shoes often. Just choose your favorite best ones so you can do your daily activities smoothly.

Whether shoes for party, work, or daily use, you should pay attention to basic tips of choosing the right shoes to suit your necessities. In this article, we share some useful tips for getting perfect shoes for you based on the shoes types.

First type is flat shoes. Characteristically flat with no additional heels, flat shoes is often considered as must-have shoes for everyone who likes to put comfort first when wearing shoes. Flat shoes with round tips is suitable for long and thin foot, while the narrow end tip is suitable for people with petite body because it will make your legs look taller. These shoes are good to go with any kinds of clothes. Jeans, cotton, canvas, and other casual clothes can be perfectly combined with flat shoes. However, you should avoid wearing flat shoes with knee skirts because your outfit will look heavy on below which is very old-fashioned.

Second type is stiletto. Different from flat shoes, stiletto is characteristically high with unique and thin heels.  Many women love stiletto since it brings sexy looks to their appearance as well as making their legs look long and firm. Thus, this shoes type is suitable to wear on formal occasions such as party to take out your feminine, elegant, and sexy charm. Stiletto is the best when you wear it with long pants or pencil skirt to make your legs look longer. Pay attention to the shoes material so the heels can hold your body weight when you walk comfortably.

Third type is boots. Nowadays, there are several kinds of boot such as ankle boots, knee boots, or calf boots. Knee-high boots are good to match with pants in same color. This type is suitable for tall women with long legs. On the contrary, petite women are not recommended wearing this kind of boots. Boots are good to match with jeans or miniskirt.

Fourth type is mule or slippers. These shoes can be used at any occasions if you want to get casual but still formal look. You can wear slippers on party by choosing ones with glamorous shoes decorations.

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