How many pairs of shoes should a women have

Most women I know plan their outfit a day before they wear them, or even plan everything for the whole week. You see, this is a very crucial process especially when finding the right shoes to match the perfect clothes. You can’t just put on anything because it will definitely ruin the presentation.

Shopping for shoes, on the other hand, is one different adventure story. Men would know about this, as they follow their woman around every store to find the perfect fit. For me, I take time in choosing the right shoes because I always think of the price that I will paying for the shoes that cannot just make me look pretty, but can also take care of my toes.

Most women who live in an apartment, with an average salary, don’t really need a lot of shoes. This is because they need to save some space, and save money for the things that they really need. I am not against those who own a ton of pairs because I understand that we have different needs. But for those who can and want to live with minimal no. of shoes, Wendy, Head Stylist for Smitten with Style and the Director of Smitten Styling Academy Australia, advises that you can live with just six pairs. These six pairs are “classic black heel, nude or tan wedge, a strappy heel, ballet flats, dressy thong, and a knee-high boot.”

Personally, I agree with owning a classic black heel. As a working girl, juggling my job and social life, I always pick my black heels. Especially when I have a meeting or a presentation and then right after work, I need to meet my friends for dinner, and sometimes find myself in a bar. The thing is, I always find comfort in choosing black heels every time.

Wedge shoes are also something I would go for because I won a lot of summer dresses. I live in a tropical country so summer dresses are always in. I feel ethereal and chic when wearing these combination, and also it makes me feel really feminine.

Another pair that I prefer to own, are ballet flats because you can mix it with any outfit. Sometime when I don’t want to wear heels, I go for flats, which is very convenient. You can also wear it while doing some errands like shopping, which we all know takes a lot of walking around to finish, or for those who don’t like wearing heels at all.

Flat sandals is another pair based on my preferences. Actually, I think all women that I know of has a pair or two of these. It is really sexy and classy without making you look too overdressed. It just leaves you with a subtle sophistication, especially when partnered with cute nails.

I am now contemplating if I should include boots in my recommendations, this is because as what I have mentioned, I live in a tropical country. So knee-high boots are very uncomfortable in here. Although, I own a pair of ankle boots, but I don’t wear it as much as I wear the other four. However my friend told me that every girl should have at least a pair of boots in her closet because it is just the way things are.

I may have few pairs of shoes than most women, but I always make sure to buy high quality brands. This is because I want to wear comfortable and pretty shoes, for a long time. In that way, I know that although I have spent a lot of money, I can really keep it for as much as I want to. Plus, with that money spent, I can forbid myself from buying things that I don’t actually need.