How often should women buy new shoes

The smell of new shoes is always invigorating; and isn’t it wonderful if you can buy new shoes every month as soon you receive your monthly paycheck? Well that’s what most of us dream about as we stroll around the mall while window shopping– If only we could buy everything.

Buying shoes really depends on your need. This means you have to assess your daily activities, your career, and your lifestyle. Celebrities always need new pairs of shoes. Because as what I have heard, fans, especially those die-hard supporters, know and keep track of everything the celebrity wears. They basically notice everything, and they are quick to remember.

But if you are a working girl like me, who spends most of the time seating in the office, you don’t need to buy shoes too often. Here are some tips to take care of your shoes to make it last longer. Now, for a quick heads up, I am always the person who, no matter how high-quality and expensive the shoes are, always ruins it. And I don’t know why. Maybe something’s going with my feet. Anyway let’s proceed.

1. Do not wear the same shoes daily
For someone like me who prefers comfort, I used to wear my nude ballet flats all the time. I wore it for almost every day and it only lasted three months as I noticed that the soles are starting to give up. And that was when I realized that my roommate was right to not wear the same shoes everyday. Plus, those shoes cost me a hundred bucks and it only lasted three freaking’ months.

That was when I noticed that I actually own other pairs of shoes that are actually getting old inside my closet. Most of them were only used once or thrice that I never wore again. Now, I alternate pairs of shoes so I don’t have to wear the same shoes for a week.

2. Clean your shoes
Well I don’t know if this actually helps in prolonging the life of your shoes but this tip is very important. Most people I know judge a person by the cleanliness of their nails and shoes. You don’t need to clean it everyday anyway, just make sure that the dirt isn’t disturbing, and the germs are not accumulating and dividing. In my case, I clean my shoes weekly because I spent most of my time in the office. But if you are traveling a lot daily, wiping them every once in awhile wouldn’t hurt.

3. Wear socks or sock liners or spray some foot deodorizer
Socks absorb feet perspiration and deodorizer prevent too much sweating. Letting your sweat come in contact with your shoes while using them all the time without proper cleansing can bring discomfort to you. It can lead to itchiness, leading to a bacterial infection or it can make your shoes smell horrible.

4. Choosing the right shoes in the right occasion
If you are going to a garden wedding and the weather is quite gloomy, do not wear high heels. Because if it rains, you are going to regret wearing heels as you walk in the muddy and soft ground. You might even leave heel-shaped holes in the ground. Also, wear shoes that are designed to support your daily activities because if you put comfort first in choosing the right pair of shoes you can accomplish your busy and hectic tasks.

Your shoes are your companion everywhere you go, even through thick and thin. This is why you have to take care of them and make sure that you know what shoes to wear in the right time. With these knowledge you can prevent yourself from buying shoes more often because you still have shoes you can wear in good condition.